Interface wiring and APU display


Wiring up the Velleman K8055 Interfaces

APU Meter

I installed the APU meter a while ago so thought I'd better put some pictures on.
Its just a digital voltage meter that I got off Ebay that I modded to change its range to give a 0-100 display for a 0-5V input.The 1K ohm potentiometer that I soldered to it allows the display value to be adjusted.

Converting Bulbs to LED's


I am using some old switches in one of my panels that use 6mm SX6s Bulbs.
I would sooner use LED's so decided to have a go at modifying them.

First I broke the glass then picked out all the bits of glass and glue that was left inside the metal bit. The parts where the bulb filament was solderd were desoldered to leave a hole in the bottom and side. Insulation was put on the legs of the LED to prevent short circuits and the legs were fed through the holes and soldered. The solder was then filed down to produce a nice finish like the original.

Time to get interfacing


After a few months break from this project I am back and starting to sort out the connections between the switches & LED's to the interface cards.
Tonight I am trying out a small prototype circuit that will drive the LED's when it receives a +5V TTL input from the interface card output.

Website Update


Over the last month I have been updating this website.
There is now content on all of the Tabbed pages and today I have added a number of pictures to the pictorial construction history ( click on 'Construction' Tab ).

Wiring Buttons & Indicators


I have started to wire up my buttons and indicators.

Here's a pic of the interfaces screwed into place:-

And here's a video of the Startup panel in action:-

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